Masters & Slaves 1: Two Masters Meet Kink_boundandgagged 2018 Jason Branch Domination, Public

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From cruising each other after a concert at Lincoln Center, Rick (Jason Branch) and Matt (Steve Ross) go from a late-night supper to a gay bar, to Central Park and to Ricks place, where they rip off each others tuxedos and ravage each other before falling asleep on the living-room rug. Both are tops, and neither would ordinarily be the others type, but they cant keep their hands off each other. The following morning, each tests the others dominant abilities. Rick ties Matt spreadeagle to the bed and Matt tops from the bottom until Rick gags him. Afterwards, at breakfast, they learn a little more about each other. Matt phones his slave to pick him up and invites Rick to his place outside the city that night.

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