THe Training of Cassandra Nix, Day Two Thetrainingofo 2013 Owen Gray Pain, Female Slave

Day two Trainer’s ReportThe Training CurriculumTraining Basics:respectobedienceloyaltyTraining Aims:Focus, as it pertains to pain processingCommunication of exactly what she is very great forImprove gag and hood skillsTraining principles:Sir prior to and following each statementask permission to orgasmHomework assigned:Guy Baldwin – 1 hand written paragraph which tells us who’s Guy Baldwin.Homework goal:to connect the concept of fundamentals to servitude; to raise an awareness of leather cultureTraining Plans:” I The Hobblerestraint using principles, gag and hood. She’s made to concentrate on formulating her fundamentals of servitude while hooded, leaping, gagged and beaten with a flogger. She has to operate through the joys and focus on the task.II The GimpBlowing that the gimp from the BJ chair – trainee is taught in oral service and forced to orgasm with a tough cock her throatIII that the Fucking:Trainee is strung up and forced to bounce her servant pussy up and down the formidable span of the gimp’s tough shaft. She is made to suck the cock and wear the come on her face while prep at night is assigned.