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I&intense ve hired neighborhood woman Lana Lane that was fairly to babysit my granddaughters. Little does Lana know the women are precocious and I&severe;ve taught them the craft of bliss. They are just waiting for the opportunity to try their skills on naive Lana. Lana´therefore dressed in butt revealing a skimpy tight crop top and shorts and she sits on the couch sipping from the glass she was given by that the twins and phoning a friend. Lana starts to feel very woozy and she is soon out cold. She is awakened with her arms. Ropes will also be around mid-section welding her wrists and her torso . Ropes are around her torso and her tits are tourniquet tied to small balls making her tits stick out under her top. Lana&intense;she struggles and s legs are bound in the knees just and manages for her feet. She can move around with difficulty and she yells to untie her instantly. Lana threatens and chastises them – cut me loose she screams, however, the women are running around laughing and giggling at her. Lana is furious, but one of the twins comes and zaps her into the thigh using a taser and Lana drops back on the couch. She awakens bound than previously. A rope is dragged tight around her waist and down by ass and her pussy. One other rope is pulling on down her arms to her butt connected to the crotch rope. Now with a wadding gag made from the bed sheets that are twins, mufflled sounds can be simply made by Lana. Lana jumps around the area looking for those little brats and gets with plenty of difficulty to an erect position, but they’re hiding. She jumps over to the window outside, but still no indication of the women. Unexpectedly helpless Lana feels just another jolt of power in the taser and she falls backwards onto the sofa out like a light.

to be continued


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