Boynapped!: Punished and Redeemed 2018 Bryan Manfield Slave, top

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Both Dixon and Manfield have been hog tied, from head to feet. Dixon and Manfield are both tapegagged, blindfolded and still in their shackles. The house slave is nearby, hooded with rigid irons and collared. Dixon to Sizemore: I told you to not play with him without permission. “I don’t wish to be reminded again.” Dixon is untied by Sizemore, who also unties Dixon. Sizemore takes Manfield’s gag off and allows him to ask one question. It must be a good question. Manfield, after the tape is removed, asks Sizemore to be his suck, which is the ideal question. Dixon climbs on Manfield. Manfield loses his blindfold. Sizemore says, “Now we cannot let you go.” Sizemore commands Manfield to enslave Dixon, while Sizemore jumps on Dixon and shoots an enormous load. Dixon is suckered by Manfield while Sizemore slaps his genitals. Manfield and Dixon are seen jerking off. Dixon fires at Manfield, tearing his arm. Manfield is hard at work and requests Sizemore permission to cum. Sizemore puts his hand on Manfield’s lips and insists, “No!” It is now stopped at the Hollywood Hills sideroad, where Manfield was kidnapped. Dixon and Sizemore move to the rear of the van, where they take out a blanket and lay it on the ground. They return to the van and take out Manfield, who is bound and gagged, and then blindfolded. He’s wearing a tanktop, flowery shorts, and a shirt from another person. They then drive away. Manfield can untie the ropes and take a few seconds to remove his blindfold and gargil. The man walks away and then goes back to the mat to grab the rope that he had been tied to. He takes the rope with him as a souvenir, then walks off. Then, he walks away again a few days later. The Hollywood Hills road stop. Sizemore stands by his van, just as he was before the kidnapping. A runner goes by. Another runner passes, obviously the victim. He is wearing the same shorts and tank top they sent home. Manfield stops again to inquire if Sizemore needs any help. Sizemore agrees and the two of them walk towards the rear of the van together.

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